Sugar Land HypnoBirthing Classes

Birth classes and birth preparation may not be something you realize you need, until you do!

At Sakinah Birth, we’ve helped women in Sugar Land, and all over Greater Houston, have positive birth experiences. Even when things didn’t go to plan.

Sakinah Birth teaches HypnoBirthing. The worlds most comprehensive antenatal class which helps women listen to their bodies.   So they can birth more instinctively.  We teach women to birth calmly and confidently. 

Our Sugar Land based HypnoBirthing classes have helped women all over Texas have positive birth experiences.

If you would like to feel supported, nurtured and educated in your pregnancy, birth and motherhood then get in touch with Sakinah Birth today!


Sugar Land HypnoBirthing Classes

One of HypnoBirthing’s key differences from other Antenatal or Birthing Class preparations, is calming your mind as well as your body during labor.  Our certified HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator ‘Jihan’ teaches key techniques to help you prepare for a peaceful labor environment.  Some of your learnings in HypnoBirthing classes will be; letting go of fear surrounding your birth, deep breathing exercises, massage techniques, relaxation of the mind and body and visuals.

HypnoBirthing also ensures that your partner take an active part in the birth.  Partners will be taught to confidently support their partner.  To help the mother to stay focused, and can be an advocate for their partner during labor.  This is especially helpful if you feel certain procedures may hinder the progress of labor.  HypnoBirthing also encourges bonding with your baby before their arrival.

What are the Benefits of HypnoBirthing?

Women who attend HypnoBirthing classes report having less anxiety about labor or their planned ceasarean.

As a result of these fears being removed, they often report shorter labours, have less pain relief, less medical intervention and shorter recovery times.

As mentioned, HypnoBirthing classes are also not limited to women planning a natural birth. Women with a planned c-section/cesarean can also utilize the benefits of HypnoBirthing’s breathing, relaxation and visual techniques to reduce anxiety and fear.

You will learn HypnoBirthing in 5 classes over 5 weeks to ensure as much information as possible is retained.

You will also receive a HypnoBirthing handbook for future reference, and the guided relaxation tool – The rainbow relaxation. 

Our certified HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator ‘Jihan’ utilizes a gentle and nurturing teaching method.

Additionally, we can also support families for home birth preparations.

Below are local Sugar Land Birth services for birthing:


  • Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital
  • Memorial Hermann Sugar Land

Birth Center:

  • Cy-Fair Birth Center (in North Houston) but is still convenient for Sugar Land mom’s.


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“Jihan was such an amazing instructor for hypnobirthing! I highly highly recommend you take hypnobirthing with her! So empowering!” “Hypnobirthing really helped me let go, conserve my energy, and helped me to bring my sweet boy earthside. “

Ashley C


Houston HypnoMothering Course

HypnoMothering classes are designed for new mothers who often report struggling with the transition to motherhood.  It is a time that demands such a big change to your lifestyle, your body, your emotions and your identity.  This course prepares mothers for dealing with those emotions and helping them to change perspective and think positively.

Our HypnoMothering classes talk about the challenges faced in motherhood and offer a range of techniques to help new moms feel well rested and relaxed.

Classes are taught in person at the Katy Birth Center, or can be accommodated via ZOOM.

Feel free to contact us for a chat about your birth expectations.  Jihan, our certified HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator, is happy to talk with you and answer any questions. No cost or obligation involved.