HypnoBirthing Classes River Oaks

An empowering HypnoBirth Experience for River Oaks

Sakinah Birth offers HypnoBirthing classes for pregnant women in River Oaks.

Bringing a new life into the world is a miraculous journey, one that is both genuine and transformative.

Sadly, many new moms are left without the support they need when bringing a new life into this world. Most birthing courses offer a basic guide on labour – contractions, dialation, epidural, and delivery.

But birth is rarely this straightforward.

And so what sets HypnoBirthing apart is its strong foundation in evidence-based practices passed down from women to women in helping mothers to birth with confidence.



HypnoBirthing, ‘The Mongan Method’ combines a variety of proven techniques, such as visualization, deep breathing, and guided relaxation, to help mothers achieve a state of deep relaxation during labor.

Founded by Marie Mongan, this is a comprehensive childbirth education program that delves deep into the physiological and psychological aspects of birthing. Unlike traditional childbirth education programs that through lack of knowledge induce anxiety or stress, HypnoBirthing is rooted in relaxation, mindfulness, and self-awareness. It equips mothers with techniques to embrace the birthing process in a calm and controlled manner, promoting a positive mindset and reducing the fear often associated with childbirth.

This state of relaxation allows for the body’s natural processes and hormones to unfold, leading to a smoother, less painful birthing experience, and an easier transition into motherhood.

Sakinah Birth run HypnoBirthing classes for River Oaks residents online via ZOOM that caters to parents seeking an empowered birth, regardless of their birthing preferences.

HypnoBirthing Classes – A Gentle Approach to Childbirth Education

The HypnoBirthing course offers 5 classes over 5 weeks to ensure as much information as possible is retained.

These 2.5 hour classes over 5 weeks guide new mom’s through breathing and relaxation techniques, positions to help you birth more comfortably, massage techniques, negotiation techniques (when medical intervention is required, and when it isn’t), how to bond with your baby and hypnosis.

You will also receive a HypnoBirthing handbook for future reference, and the guided relaxation tool – The rainbow relaxation. 

Our certified HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator ‘Jihan’ utilizes a gentle and nurturing teaching method.  She is also a wealth of knowledge for other birth services or recommendations you may be needing.

Hypnobirthing benefits can also extend to women who have a planned caesarean/c-section.

Hypnosis, breathing techniques, prenatal bonding and music are all taught in HypnoBirthing to reduce anxiety and fear surrounding your birth, however you birth.

Additionally, we can also support families for home birth preparations. 

For more information on this course, go to: HypnoBirthing.


My partner and I signed up for the online classes in July. We wanted to learn about hypnobirthing, a meditation technique that was recommended by our birth team. I asked many questions before, during, and after the course, and Jihan always replied immediately. Each class was well-prepared and researched, so we learned more than expected. The content is deep and scientific-based, which we were looking for in preparation for home birth in water. Each class offers the opportunity to practice visualization and breathing exercises, which we all did as a group via ZOOM. We believe this was the most beneficial component of Jihan’s classes. Those exercises allowed us to gain confidence and eliminate some mental blocks. Her voice is soothing and brings peace and relaxation. We cherished every session with Jihan, and thanks to her expertise, I got to visualize my birth, Yoni, gain confidence, and learn how to breathe during contractions. After each class, we received an email with tons of information and resources. We also had the opportunity to chat with her about my private mental blocks and other things that I experienced during the two weeks before my child’s birth. A couple of days before my birth, Jihan contacted me again, and we did a private 1:1 session, which is hard to put into words because she guided me toward total relaxation, a game-changer on my motherhood journey. It is my hope our mommas get to benefit from her gifts and wisdom. Having Jihan as part of my journey was magical, and I am grateful for all the knowledge she passed on. My husband and I welcomed our baby girl at home in water, surrounded by love. ❤️ Go, momma, sign for the hypno class!

- Laura, HypnoBirthing Mom

Residents of River Oaks can benefit from HypnoBirthing classes run via ZOOM, however, we also run classes in the wider Houston area in person.  If you are from River Oaks and are interested in HypnoBirthing classes, contact us.