Motherhood is often described as “the most difficult job in the world”.

New moms can stress about a myriad of things:

Is my baby feeding properly? Eating enough? Sleeping enough?

And all of this can be compounded by mom getting broken sleep and also recovering after birth.

Moms, especially new moms, are frequently told how stressful and chaotic motherhood can be and to expect nothing less.

Want to be a calm mom and reduce stress?

Ask about Sakinah Birth’s HypnoMothering course!

What is HypnoMothering?


HypnoMothering teaches pregnant women and new moms valuable self-hypnosis /calming techniques so you can have a calm and confident transition to motherhood.

It teaches moms how to relax, how to feel rested even when you are not, and talks in depth about the challenges you may be faced with when becoming a mom so there are less ‘shocks’ when you give birth.

Calm Mom

Why HypnoMothering?

HypnoMothering is beneficial for helping new moms become less stressed in their new role as a parent.

HypnoMothering mom’s report feeling more relaxed during a time of great transition. They have techniques available to them improve their mental health, overall wellness, and reduce the chances of postnatal depression.

Techniques can also beneficial as your children grow up. Calming techniques can be used right through your parenting journey, and during times of high stress.


Moms experience many emotions during childbirth but HypnoMothering helps you to find your calm.

Why HypnoMothering?
Moms will find HypnoMothering incredibly helpful. This is not your typical parenting class. You will find the techniques taught in this class to be useful throughout life.  HypnoMothering is  empowering as it is life changing.
Some Of The Topics Covered In Class Include:
  • Self-hypnotic time distortion technique to feel rested
  • Rapid relaxation techniques to help mom feel relaxed, especially in challenging moments
  • The challenges and expectations  new Motherhood and strategies on how to better prepare for the new normal
  • Simple techniques to change perspective and think positively
HypnoMothering Course Includes:
  • A parent handout booklet
  • Audio download with twelve hypnotic and relaxation tracks
  • HypnoMothering for Pregnant Moms: $60
  • HypnoMothering for New Moms: $60
  • HypnoMothering for Preschool Moms: $50