Benefits of HypnoBirthing

When we get enquiries about HypnoBirthing, many couples ask us ‘Why should I choose HypnoBirthing’ over other birth classes? Or are HypnoBirthing classes worth it?

When babies already come with a long list of items to purchase – car seats, a cot, nappies, clothing, books.  What are the benefits of HypnoBirthing for me and my family?

And we totally understand this question.  It’s not one of the cheaper birth courses!

As experienced birth educators, we know that regular antenatal classes with a birth plan, just isn’t enough to support new families.

We know that giving birth and welcoming home a new baby is one biggest transitions in a womans life.  It is not just the birth of a baby, it is the birth of a mom and a dad as well.


Samantha, HypnoBirthing Mom

When labor starts, a lot of women can go into a stress mode.   Will this hurt? what if I can’t do this? Panic can start to rise.   Other women’s birth stories and a history of pain/fear/anxiety by association kicks in, and women start to question if their bodies can endure labor.

Muscles tighten, adrenaline is released.  Our bodies go into fight or flight mode.

Unfortunately, adrenaline and stress has been shown to slow labor.  Tighter muscles = more pain = longer labor.

This is where our HypnoBirthing classes come in.

HypnoBirthing is one of the most comprehensive birth courses you will ever attend. This course educates women and their birth partners to know exactly what to expect at each stage of labor and how keep their adrenaline low and oxytocin endorphin levels high,  to find their calm.

Oxytocin optimizes labor, birth, and postpartum for mother and baby.  Also known as the ‘love-drug’, it reduces pain, ensures your body can birth well, and sends all the love you need when meeting your new little bundle of joy.


 So, How does HypnoBirthing help me achieve this?

Tried and tested techniques support mom and birth partner along the way. You will learn to birth intuitively with our world renwned course via:

  • Relaxation techniques.
  • Breathing techniques.
  • Massage techniques.
  • Informed Consent.
  • Positive affirmations.
  • How to develop a bond with your baby in utero.
  • All about the immediate 4th trimester.
  • and Self Hypnosis.


Why choose HypnoBirthing?


There is a long list to the benefits of Hypnobirthing, here are a few listed below:


  • Reduced anxiety for labor (and positive birth stories)
  • A quicker labor
  • Less need for pain relief during labor.
  • Less medical intervention
  • Stronger bonds with your baby
  • Happier moms.  Less trauma during birth means fewer moms getting baby blues.
  • Totally pain-free Hypnobirths are also not uncommon.

For your investment in HypnoBirthing classes, you will receive:

  • Instruction and guidance from an experienced, dedicated, and passionate educator and Texas Chapter Leader of the HypnoBirthing Institute
  • Over 12.5 hours of birth education with a Certified HypnoBirthing Educator, who is also a Clinical Hypnotist, to help you prepare for a calm and joyful birth with expert hands.
  • Guidance and instruction from an educator who used HypnoBirthing techniques during pregnancy and birth.
  • The HypnoBirthing Book By Marie Mongan.
  • Rainbow Relaxation and Birth Affirmations MP3 Audio.
  • MP3 Audio for HypnoBirthing Dads and Partners.
  • A private review session with mom or birthing parent and birth companion (optional)
  • Bonus exclusive handouts for an empowered, informed, and educated birth experience.
  • The HypnoBirthing Spiral for Parents which includes course notes, relaxation scripts, affirmations, etc.
  • Continuous support and guidance from the beginning of class until six weeks postpartum.

Referrals to the best perinatal professionals in the Greater Houston Area, including doulas, lactation consultants, chiropractors.


We have three types of HypnoBirthing classes available.  Group and Private classes, and Online Classes.

Now accepting Health Savings Account (HSA), and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) payments.

Group Class Investment: $350

Private Class Investment (Online): $600

Levi born around 10:15 pm on January 31st 19.5 inches and 7lbs. I pushed for maybe 20 minutes, no epidural! He’s hardly cried and latched perfectly for breastfeeding. I am amazed everything has gone as well as it could! Used hypnobreathing and meditation skills…Thank you for all your support and wealth of knowledge.

- Genevieve, HypnoBirthing Mom

Sakinah Birth services are located in Houston, Texas.  We run birth classes local to the Katy, Richmond and Sugar Land area but are always happy to offer our services to the wider Houston community and beyond.

Our HypnoBirthing classes, HypnoMothering and HypnoFertility classes are being run at Katy Birth Center with Jihan (class facilitator).  We also have some classes online via ZOOM.

If you still have questions about our HypnoBirthing Course, or would like to read more HypnoBirthing stories, please get in contact.