HypnoBirthing Classes

HypnoBirthing is our most popular class at Sakinah Birth, and there’s a good reason why.

The philosophy is simple.  Childbirth is instinctive.

Preconceived fear, anxiety and anguish that we have come to know as normal with childbirth doesn’t have to exist.


At Sakinah Birth we know birth doesn’t have to be feared, awful or painful.

We teach women how to have an AMAZING birth and postpartum recovery.

Read what all the hype is about.

Woman HypnoBirthing in bath

Why HypnoBirthing?

HypnoBirthing (The Mongan Method) is a comprehensive and evidence-based childbirth education program.

The exclusive techniques taught in HypnoBirthing courses help moms not only prepare for labor and birth but are also helpful in everyday life. HypnoBirthing classes are also beneficial for women and families interested in having their partners play an active role on birthing day.

HypnoBirthing can be for mothers look to have a natural or C-section birth.  Our calming techniques prepare mothers for all circumstances in birth. First time mom, or third time mom.

Additionally a calm labor can often be shorter.

For more information on ‘Why to choose HypnoBirthing’ as your prefered birth class.

HypnoBirthing post natal bonding

What you will learn in this birth class:


  • The history of childbirth and how women birthed instinctively throughout different time periods.
  • What the Fear-Tension-Pain Cycle is and how to avoid it with calm and confidence.
  • Self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques for labor and birth
  • Special breathing techniques for a calm and comfortable labor and birth.
  • How your body instinctively knows how to grow and nurture your baby.
  • Prenatal bonding – The benefits of bonding with your baby before and after birth.
  • How to prepare a birth plan.
  • The critical role of the birth companion and how they can prepare to better assist the laboring and birthing woman.
  • Breastfeeding, what to expect during the Fourth Trimester and much more.

What’s included for your Investment:


  • 5 x 2.5-hour classes with a Certified Consulting Hypnotist, to help you prepare for a calm and joyful birth with expert hands
  • Guidance and instruction from an educator who used HypnoBirthing techniques during pregnancy and birth
  • The HypnoBirthing Book By Marie Mongan 
  • Rainbow Relaxation and Birth Affirmations MP3 Audio
  • MP3 Audio for HypnoBirthing Dads and Partners
  • The HypnoBirthing Spiral for Parents which includes course notes, relaxation scripts, affirmations, etc.
  • Continuous phone/text/email support from the beginning of class until six weeks postpartum
  • Referrals to the best perinatal professionals in the Greater Houston Area, including doulas, lactation consultants, chiropractors, etc.

Class costs:

Group Classes: $300

Virtual Private Classes: $450

In-Person Private Classes: $600

Refresher or Make up fee: Varies.


Not sure which HypnoBirthing class is the right one for you?

Father using HypnoBirthing calming techniques

HypnoBirthing Classes Online

As a result of Covid 19 in 2020, all of our HypnoBirthing Classes were run in an online format in 2020 to keep families safe.

With lowering case numbers we are happy to report that we are now running classes ‘in person’ at the Katy Birth Center.  However, we have decided to keep running our popular online classes in 2021 if this is still your preference. 


    Class Facilitator

    Sakinah Birth’s Class Facilitator ‘Jihan’, is a certified HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator, as well as a Certified Consulting Hypnotist.

    She is a HypoBithing educator, for the Mongan Method – The original and most reputable HypnoBirthing class worldwide developed by Marie Mongan in the 1980’s.

    She is also a great source of knowledge for all birth services is the Houston/Texas area – birth centers, hospitals, physio and more.

    Jihan is also a mom to two boys and is a passionate birth educator campaigning for informed consent to help women have an empowering birth stories.



    If you would like more information, please click: here. 


      Jihan was such an amazing instructor for hypnobirthing! Her classes were informative and engaging. She walked me through relaxation techniques, answered questions and was so patient and sweet. This was my third birth but first homebirth and she gave me the tools and the confidence to make it an amazing experience! I have long labors and hypnobirthing really helped me let go, conserve my energy, and helped me to bring my sweet boy earthside. I highly highly recommend you take hypnobirthing with her! So empowering! 

      Ashley, HB Mom