Houston HypnoBirthing Classes

Our Houston HynoBirthing Classes are run locally at the Katy Birth Center.

HypnoBirthing is one of the most supportive birth classes new mothers and families can do. 

These classes offer key differences from other Antenatal or Birthing Classes.   We teach pregnant women to birth intuitively and trust your body.  With the end goal to reduce pain, fear, birth trauma, and interventions, and incease the good stuff – oxytocin, baby bonding time and a better recovery.

Jihan, our ‘certified’ educator with ‘HypnoBirthing International’, teaches tried and tested techniques to support you, your partner and your baby during labour, birth and into pregnancy

If you would like to feel supported, nurtured and educated in your pregnancy, birth and motherhood then get in touch with Sakinah Birth today!

‘Jihan’ is a certified educator with HypnoBirthing International- The Mongan Method.  The original and most renowned HypnoBirthing class worldwide


HypnoBirthing Classes – What Will I Learn?

We provide the most comprehensive birth classes worldwide.

You will learn HypnoBirthing in 5 classes over 5 weeks to ensure as much information as possible is retained.

These 2.5 hour classes over 5 weeks guide new mom’s through breathing and relaxation techniques, positions to help you birth more comfortably, massage techniques, negotiation techniques (when medical intervention is required, and when it isn’t), how to bond with your baby and hypnosis.

You will also receive a HypnoBirthing handbook for future reference, and the guided relaxation tool – The rainbow relaxation. 

Our certified HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator ‘Jihan’ utilizes a gentle and nurturing teaching method.  She is also a wealth of knowledge for other birth services or recommendations you may be needing.

Hypnobirthing benefits can also extend to women who have a planned caesarean/c-section.

Hypnosis, breathing techniques, prenatal bonding and music are all taught in HypnoBirthing to reduce anxiety and fear surrounding your birth, however you birth.

Additionally, we can also support families for home birth preparations. 

For more information on this course, go to: HypnoBirthing.


“When I found out I was pregnant, as a medical professional I wanted the most natural, least invasive birth for my baby. I did lots of research and found Sakinah Birthing. I received a response very quickly, answering all of my questions. Through correspondence and the class we found that Jihan is absolutely wonderful! Both my husband and I learned so much in preparation for our first birth and felt more prepared for this important day because of her. She is very knowledgeable and patient and incredibly attentive and supportive to her hypnobirthing families! She even follows up after the class is complete, offering kind words of support or follow up exercises if necessary. I couldn’t recommend this class more!”

- Ashley, HypnoBirthing Mom


HypnoMothering Course

Many new mothers often report struggling with the transition to motherhood.  It is a time that demands such a big change to your lifestyle, your body, your emotions and your identity.  This course prepares mothers for dealing with those emotions and helping them to change perspective and think positively.

Our HypnoMothering classes talk about the challenges faced in motherhood and offer a range of techniques to help new moms feel well rested and relaxed.

For more information on this course, click here: HypnoMothering.

Classes are taught in person at the Katy Birth Center, or can be accommodated via ZOOM.

Our Houston Classes are local to the west Houston area – Katy, Sugar Land, Richmond area, but we can accommodate classes all over Houston and Texas when required.