What Our Parents Are Saying

I am so thankful for Jihan and the hypnobirthing course that has gotten me through this pregnancy. She made it so easy to follow the techniques and also offered a lot of additional childbirth education that has helped put me at ease. What I appreciate the most about Jihan’s services is that they don’t stop after the course ends – she checks in with me weekly and offers constant affirmations and encouragement. I was so scared of childbirth, but Jihan helped me gain the confidence I will need and use to bring this beautiful life out into the world. Thank you so much for everything.

- Samantha, HypnoBirthing Mom

Jihan is an amazing person. She came over to give a private lesson in hypnobirthing. It was my fourth pregnancy and I was feeling so stressed and unsure as I was just 3 months postpartum. We did relaxing and decompressing meditation, as well as mental exercises in dealing with future stress to not just help me in birth but parenting. Jihan has such a soft soothing voice, I close my eyes and feel her energy of positivity, confidence, and assurance. The material i got is still used today 1 year later. Thank you Jihan!

- Adilah, HypnoMothering Mom

Jihan was incredible! From the moment I reached out for more details and information, I could feel her warmth and energy through the phone. She is and was completely conscious and empathetic toward us, which made the lessons genuine. You could really tell Hypnobirthing and education is her passion. I felt seen, heard, and supported as a first-time mom. I really appreciated the extra energy she gave to me and my family so we could all be successful and prepared. Thank you so much, Jihan! You’re an angel!

- Tiffany, HypnoBirthing Mom

Dramatic arrival, but it was the best birth ever! HypnoBirthing saved me from falling for the pain meds! So beyond thankful to have been mentally prepared!!! I did the bear position the whole time on the bed! Had my headphones on!!!

- Karen, HypnoBirthing Mom

Thank you so much for your time, encouragement, wisdom. So grateful for you and your class!

- Shannon, HypnoBirthing Mom

Jihan is a great instructor! She really took her time and worked with us individually. I found her calm demeanor so helpful. Excellent information and practice hypnosis sessions. I’m so looking forward to using Hypnobirthing when I deliver, she really helped give me the confidence to use the techniques.

- Erin, HypnoBirthing Mom

One of the most important things my wife and I learned taking Jihan’s classes is the power of the mind over the body. We took some of the key lessons and applied them when my wife was having our daughter. My wife had a relatively easy birth of our first child and our doctor was absolutely respectful of our decision to incorporate hypnobirthing into our birth plan. Thank you Jihan for all your help!

- Ryan, HypnoBirthing Dad

First time parent and so glad I found out about hypnobirthing to make the process of childbirth and pregnancy less scary! Jihan is absolutely amazing! The resources she provides along the weekly classes were amazing! Plus the weekly check-ins were soooooo helpful! I can’t recommend Sakinah Birth enough!

- Anjuli, HypnoBirthing Mom