Welcome to Sakinah Birth! We offer HypnoBirthing  and HypnoMothering classes as well as Hypnofertility support in the Greater Houston Area. We believe that all parents should be equipped with knowledge around birth, pregnancy and parenthood, and have the tools necessary to navigate this exciting new time of transition.  Please check out services below:

HypnoBirthing Classes

Be prepared to have a calm, educated, and empowered birth in our comprehensive childbirth course. You will learn the process of childbirth, invaluable breathing and relaxation techniques, informed consent, the fourth trimester and much more!

HypnoBirthing Classes

HypnoMothering Classes

Being a new mom is so rewarding, but it comes with many challenges too.  Sakinah Birth teaches important techniques to navigate challenging moments, feel well-rested,  well-grounded, more gentle, and confident in your transition to motherhood.

HypnoMothering classes


It is normal to feel nervous or stressed during the conception journey.  We help alleviate these concerns in the pre-pregnancy mind with a range of breathing and stress relieving techniques and applying a mind-body + whole-person approach to fertility.

Fertility preparation Hypnosis

Jihan was such an amazing instructor for hypnobirthing! Her classes were informative and engaging. She walked me through relaxation techniques, answered questions and was so patient and sweet. This was my third birth but first homebirth and she gave me the tools and the confidence to make it an amazing experience! I have long labors and hypnobirthing really helped me let go, conserve my energy, and helped me to bring my sweet boy earthside. I highly highly recommend you take hypnobirthing with her! So empowering! ❤️

- Ashley C.

“We must understand that childbirth is fundamentally a spiritual, as well as a physical, achievement. . . The birth of a child is the ultimate perfection of human love.”   — Grantly Dick-Read

Sakinah Birth services are located in Houston, Texas.  We run birth classes local to the Katy, Richmond and Sugar Land area but are always happy to offer our services to the wider Houston Community and beyond.

Currently all our HypnoBirthing, HypnoMothering and Hypnofertility classes are being run online one-on-one with Jihan (class facilitator) due to COVID to ensure we keep you and your family well and safe.

Jihan is a fully registered HypnoBirthing Instructor for the original HypnoBirthing course – The Mongan Method.